Hii Crown Ni yangu ! It’s Skill, Not Slackness Phieso Kenyan DanceHall Queen is Working new Projects Now.

Dancehall music, the rebellious cousin of reggae, went through periods of highs and lows, but is now back on a steady path upwards, with a slew of female DanceHall Artists making their mark.

SCORNED AS a vulgar presentation of male fantasies and equally adored as one of the various colourful manifestations, which underpin the vibrance of dancehall culture, Dancehall Queens (DHQs) are entangled in a web of opposing sentiments.

Welcome To Kenyan Where We Have the Youngest DanceHall Artist Who never let’s You down yes If you don’t know about it just #Offset

In a genre dominated by male for decades, female have come a long way in holding their own in dancehall.

When you think of dope female dancehall stars several big name comes to mind

If music is your passion, clinch it. Give it your time & enough energy. Being a musician is not a matter of joining the dots.You need to work your way to the top & be patient

Phieso has been Trending All Time Music she’s so far the fast rising Kenyan DanceHall Artist .

I love her New Style On Whine Tu Kidogo Have You Watched his the moves are? Yes a Stir fly Dance . The New Queen Is Taking over The Industry she needs a Crown. Basing her new Projects the Sing So far Has Gone getting more Airplays , Phieso Media Tours Not Forgetting Her song Wickidest Love Remix With top Ghana Artist BKAY it’s Really The DanceHall We need to support up. In Kenya It’s Rare to have Female DanceHall Artists but here is the Youngest DanceHall artists with a Hit blow.


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