Tiffany Haddish’s Ex-husband Sues Over Her Biography’s Claims! (Video) (Pics)

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Comedian Tiffany Haddish referred to her ex-husband anonymously with a chapter entitled “The Ex-Husband” in her biography “The Last Black Unicorn,” but William Stewart, Tiffany’s ex-husband says she’s obviously referring to him since he’s the only person to whom she’s been married too:

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Stewart has filed a lawsuit in which he refuted Haddish’s allegations that he abused and stalked the “The Last O.G.” star during their five-year marriage. Stewart also denies being responsible for the death of their unborn child.

The decorated U.S. Army veteran is suing for libel, slander and defamation and asking for more than $1 million in damages. In addition to Haddish, Stewart has named “Unicorn” co-author Tucker Max and publisher Simon Schuster as co-defendants.

The lawsuit claims that the chapter titled “The Ex-Husband” provides falsehoods about an abusive husband that Haddish said choked, kidnapped and stalked. It also disputes Haddish’s claim that the alleged physical abuse led to the death of their unborn baby, and that instead Haddish had an abortion. And Tiffany herself admitted some story in her book are NOT true:

Soooooo….it’s looking like “Ex-Husband” probably about to get a check…..a BIG check which if Tiffany lied he should get ALL the money for the sale of the book. BUT Tiffany does have at least one receipt of abuse. Court documents reveal that Haddish filed a restraining order against Stewart back in 2011. Haddish claims that during a Montreal trip in July 2010 for a comedy performance, Stewart attacked her in their hotel room.

“We were in Montreal, Canada, when he choked me in the stairway of the hotel,” Haddish alleged in the filing. “I ran away from him. I ran because he was trying to make me stay in the room. But I wanted to stay in the lobby and talk to my fellow comedians.”

Haddish also described another incident that same month in which Stewart “choked” her and she tried to “make him stop” by punching him.

“He ran after me and took me down to the ground,” she claimed. ” I got free and then he got me again. I could not get out or yell for help because he was sitting on me.”

Stewart, who said he and Haddish were married from 2008-15, also said defended his mother against Haddish’s claim that her mother-in-law knew of the alleged abuse against Haddish but did nothing about it, and that the mother-in-law had admitted to abusing her son as a child…..yeah so much he said, she said this is going to be a messy one!

And on top of all that, Steward has hired Michael T. Sterling, the same lawyer representing Russell Simmons, to sue Haddish.

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I wonder if this will hurt her career. It’s not a good look to lie about domestic violence and I understand that these companies, managers and execs will try to force these things on you, but this story was your truth and you should have stood on it, because when ish comes to light and hits the fan all those same folks who suggested this lie will remain dry in the storm and you’ll be the only one caught in the rain. 🤔 I wonder what else is fraud in this book…