Hawa Nd’o Talk of The Town Kenya’s Youngest Fast Rising Rappers OB GANG .

OB gang music group was originally formed on 2014 by four members Thats Bwayne Stunner, kc reiven, DJ steemax and Krezzy.As time went by on the year 2016 some new members kicked in thats Tizer, klaus and webby followed by Lio mitchy and kingT1ne. Recently on 2018 Nifty crime and sixtus joined the gang.

talented young artists is redefining the sound of modern hip-hop. are They Tryna Shape Hiphop ?

mainstream rap has always found its raw analog in the underground. But in a time when over-the-top melodrama (Drake) and conceptual narratives (Kendrick Lamar) dominate the airwaves,

They Released Their first song on 2016 titled grinding under scratch time album followed by more tracks like turn up, worse behavour, listen and not listening .all under scratch time album.

Klaus is currently mananing OB gang from Nairobi thats because we were looking into having OB gang music group in every city ” Krezzy Rapper

Latest jam is Titled popular you can listen to it on youtube by searching for O.B Gang or clicking on this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJvI7aJ8KZQsW4r4HxGP_w

Our official audio producer is Crazy monkey under Street Breeze Records Video director WBT . Thank you we looking forwad to representing kenya in rap music . keep it lit OB gang for life Note Dj steemax later quited rap industry and focused on other business ..

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