TRENDING Juma Jux’s New Hot Girlfriend

It is on to the next one for Tanzanian hitmaker Juma Jux. Jux has been dating fellow singer, Vanessa Mdee until recently when they made public their break up. During an Instagram Q&A the Cash Madame singer told her fans that she and Jux were just but friends but will always be family.

“Wewe na Juma mmeachana??” posed a curious fan. To this Mdee said, “Ndio, lakini we are good friends and forever family.” Well, it seems like the Utaniua crooner might have moved on to a Caucasian beauty only identified as Nayika.

The two have been vacationing in the Serengeti for the past couple of days.

Just a couple of days ago, Jux and Mdee released a song dubbed “Sumaku” which we understand was recorded way before the heartbreaking split.