Shot in Nairobi at Courtesy Beach near Juja town -Ruiru. Facilitate is the first song off the Son Of Oyugis Album that is yet to be released in December 2019 by Afropop singe Teezeh.

The audio was done by Producer Videz, of Hybrid Beats and the Video was directed by Bryan M Brand.

“Facilitate” from its name, is a song that talks about responsibility. Being able to provide.
Teezeh speaks about the new kind of responsibility that he is facing , as he says in verse one, that he has left some type of behaviour/character due to the cropping responsibility in his life, such as his sister is out of school for lack of school fee and he is also tired of borrowing for help, therefore it is high time for everyone including him, to stand up and facilitate for their loved ones.

“This is a dear song to me ,since first its the first song off my debut Album, Son Of Oyugis and though however much I’m not necessarily talking about my life, I put myself in the shoes of those people close to me and try sing from what some of them are going through in their lives. Lets stop the empty pocket hype and Let’s just facilitate! Nothing less”
Says Teezeh

Video was Released on
28th September 2019

Dressed by Mr. O Town
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