Femi One Features Boondocks Gang, Mbithi and DJ Lyta in New Song ‘NyokoNyoko’

Femi one and Boondocks gang

Top Kenyan female rapper Femi One has dropped a new hit dubbed ‘NyokoNyoko’ featuring Boondocks Gang, DJ Lyta and Mbithi.

‘NyokoNyoko’ a dancehall song has been produced by Ilogos and the video directed by Johnson Kyalo.

All the musicians featured in the song are known for their rap capabilities, and none has disappointed in this new release.

The video shot on the streets gives the song a ghetto mentality, which fits well with the its theme and message.

‘NyokoNyoko’ is part of the Gengetone wave that has taken the Kenyan music industry by storm.

The Gengetone genre of music is credited to groups such as; Boondocks Gang, Ochungulo Family, Ethic, Sailors among others.

Most young people in the country love this genre of music mostly because of the lyrics which are always in sheng, and the videos.