Bahati Must Be Your Mentor! Fan Responds To Willy Paul After Saying He Is To Release A Tv Reality Show

Gospel singer Willy Paul has revealed to his fans that he is set to release a television reality show dubbed the Pozzee way and his fans have not taken the news so well.

This comes moths after rival gospel singer Bahati started a reality show in one of our local media stations that airs once in a week and has so far been nominated to the Kalasha awards by the name Being Bahati.

Willy Paul has always caused a stir online from flaunting huge amounts of money, to taking cosy pictures with different artistes leading to his fans questioning his Born again nature with the sorts of behaviors he shows online.

The Bora Uhai hitmaker hinted this on his gram page and well, his fans think he is a copy cat and that he is just seeking attention.

Pozzee had time to also get back to his hater fans via the comments.

Ata jina tu ni mbaya! Bahati must be your mentor… Lol! A fan commented.

From me it is congratulations Pozzee for the milestones you are making. Waiting to have a view of what his show will be about.

Check out what he posted:

New Music Video Alert; Naiboi- 2 in 1 @thenaiboi

There’s been so much that’s been happening within the African Music Scene including Tiwa Savage wanting to give up (which I pray never happens- what in heavens name are we supposed to do with our lives if ever she does?!), it’s overwhelming. On the other hand, there’s been also a lot of good things happening, including .

Something else that’s amazing is Naiboi’s brand video, 2 in 1. The video features A list celebrities singing along to the song, including Tanzania’s BenPoland American- Nigerian artist WurlD.

Everyday, I’m blown away by the kind of advantage enjoyed by artists that sing as well as produce. It’s like you become an untouchable musical genius with a whole new level of creativity. Case in point Teknomiles, Nahreel, Don Jazzy, and Kenya’s very own Naiboi. Naiboi is one of the very few artists in Kenya who understand how to wow the Kenyan audience, while having international appeal. He found a unique sound that works for him and just him and has had it become his brand.

have been following Naiboi’s career from the days of Rapdamu and his rebranding and growth have me in awe. hope the support seen just by appearing on this video reflects on the other aspects of the arts industry and that we have our artists building each other.

What do you think about the song and music video?

Why Every Ugandan Girl wants To be a Slay Queen

Eminem Denies Using Gunshot Effects During Live Show [VIDEO]

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Eminem is under fire for scaring his followers at a recent performance. People in the stands thought they were hearing gunfire causing a very scary moment for ticket buyers.

On Friday, June 8 Slim Shady faced some serious criticism for his choice of sounds effects during his set at Bonnaroo. Apparently while performing his 2000 song “Kill You” the crowd distinctively heard shots prompting them to flee and duck for their safety. Concert footage confirms the loud pops which threw the festival into a frenzy.

After several school shootings in 2018 Eminem faces some harsh criticism for creating a scary scene for replaying the effects through the rest of his time on stage.

Mather’s team has formally denied that gun shots are used in any of his live concerts. “Contrary to inaccurate reports, Eminem does not use gunshot sound effects during his live show. [Eminem] has used this effect — as have hundreds other artists — in his live show for over 10 years, including previous US festival dates in 2018 without complaint” a spokesperson told People Magazine. And when asked what were the loud blasts the representative said they were actually “a pyrotechnic concussion which creates a loud boom”.

Considering in 2018 shootings took place at both music festivals and concerts the people in attendance were not overreacting. Hopefully Em’s set director gets the hint.


Paris Jackson Pulls Her Pants Down To Reveal Lacy Thong While Getting New Butt Tattoo — See Pic

Someone’s got some new ink! Paris Jackson shared a photo of herself getting tattooed on her butt, and she managed to make the process look quite sexy. Check it out!

Paris Jackson already has plenty of tattoos, and it looks like she recently added another one to the collection. The 20-year-old shared a photo of herself getting some fresh ink on June 11. The pic shows her lying on the table while she gets tatted on her right butt cheek, with her pants pulled down to make the skin visible to her tattoo artist. Paris’ slim figure and lacy pink thong are on full display in the pic, along with her long legs which seem to go on for miles!

She didn’t share a second photo of the finished product, so it’s unclear what the art is of or what inspired it. She captioned the pic with a simple heart emoji, so perhaps that’s a hint at what she got drawn on!? Paris’ arms and chest are covered in tattoos, so this new spot is fairly covered up from many of her others. She’s never been shy about posting sexy photos, though, so perhaps she will give us a glimpse at what she added to her body art collection at some point in the future!

Paris has been quite open on social media this week. Just days before the NSFW tattoo pic, she posted an emotional video about the five-year anniversary of her suicide attempt. She got choked up in the clip, and promised her followers that it “gets better,” even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Paris has made headlines over the last recent months because of her close friendship with Cara Delevingne. Although the ladies have not confirmed if their relationship is more than platonic, they’ve been pretty inseparable, and have even been photographed holding hands. They’re both known for being private about their relationships, though, so we might never get the full scoop on this one!

Fast Rising Hip-Hop Act Mafia Brooks Spit Heavy Bars Touching Topics On Violence, Witchcraft, Poverty And Immorality

If you a hip hop cat stay woke, here is a track you should not sleep on. Fast rising rapper and songwriter Mafia Brooks has released his debut single Ghetto.
Ghetto is a Hip Hop track inspired by the real life situation from Brooks’s hood. Rapping over the 9Times beat Brooks spits heavy bars touching topics on violence (Chafu zangu za kitaa hazili Mpaka zikabe,) poverty (Kila muda kila Saa Jirani kakabwa Na njaa) witchcraft (Usiku kucha hatulali / wanga wanatubiga chale) and immorality (Hakuna dini, mpadri mashehe wahuni)

some of the main problems facing coastal neighborhoods.
I’m trying to convey what’s happening in the hood…giving the young people hope…they should be proud of where they are coming from and out there…there is another life. Mafia Brooks.
Mafia Brooks is a Fast rising hip hop artist hailing from the South Coast region, an area currently dominated by rappers who are shaping the music scene at the Coast. Brooks like any other artist started singing from way back when he was young. He started writing lyrics way back and recording himself using their old radio. The rest they say is history
Soundcloud link
Rap Genius lyrics

Sage Chemutai takes her time to work on her songs

This song is for everyone who made me’ Sage Chemutai’s new jam will move you

‘This song is for everyone who made me’ Sage Chemutai’s new jam will move you

Having been in the music industry for years now, Sage Chemutai has grown tremendously and her fan base has grown as well.

Unlike most Kenyan artistes, Sage takes her time to work on her songs so as to give songs that people can relate to.

Well, Sage is back with a bang and has released a brand new jam, ‘What I Am‘.

Sage Chemutai/ Instagram

This is song is not just any song but a thank you song. Taking to social media, she explained that the song is for everyone who made her and everyone who believed in her.

She wrote, “This song is for everyone who made me. Everyone who stood by me, prayed for me, loved me. It is a thank you. It is an “I love you”. It is an “I will never forget you”. Those who spoke so highly of me even when I was at my lowest. Anyone who believed in me. Everyone who has ever come for a show, bought an album, downloaded a song, done a cover, watched my videos or just said ‘hi’ on the street. For everyone who went out of their way to elevate me without asking for anything in return (especially you,Dillie).”

Sage Chemutai/ Instagram

She went further to explain that the song is most importantly for her mother, who has been her biggest cheerleader.

Most importantly, this one is for my Maa. The one who made me, raised me, loves me, lifts me, believes in me, cheers for me. If I have done anything wonderful, worthy of praise, anything that brought a positive change to this world, it is all because of you Mama. You made me, What I Am.”

Here’s the jam;