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Dirty Or Nah ? Proclaimed Kenyan Dancehall Queen Phieso Drops Another Hit Featuring Videz .

Kenyan J Capri hit maker after Wine tu kidogo Hit she Drops another jam featuring versatile Artist Videz hybrid

PHIESO featuring VIDEZ_HYBRID – WOMAN GET BUSY Official Video Now Playing on YouTube

She plays Dancehall, Reggea and a mixture of an uptown and downtown vibe.

This girl is a different breed of talent. She is a lyricist who promotes positivity and self-worth through her words. She is bringing dancehall music back to its roots and especially how herlyrics connects so well with her audience.

Actually this is the first Kenyan Dancehall Jam that has been Set in A Different style , bubbling up and Down others breaking in kutingisha viuno .

Watch “PHIESO X VIDEZ_HYBRID – WOMAN GET BUSY (Official Video)” on YouTube

There comes after Kenyans decided Play Kenyan music . and support there own artists what about the New Video ” shape It ”

She’s running into a big competition as the fast rising EAST African Dancehall Queen . Talk of The town Nairobi’s finest .
While majority of young people are lazing around and whining about the lack of jobs, Phieso aka Phieso Afficial is using her talent in music and modelling to make a living for herself.

Featuring Videz hybrid

been a music producer for the longest time of his life, Videz is well conversant with the trends in various fields of the entertainment industry hence his comments on wanting to see another direction taken by other artists starting with him on the forefront.

Nigerian Music Star, Tiwa Savage Blasts Kenyan Promoters @TiwaSavage

Tiwa Savage

Nigerian music star, Tiwa Savage who gave a thrilling performance on Saturday at the Carnivore Grounds for Redsan baddest album launch, has called out Kenyan promoters.

According to the mother of one, the Kenyan promoters didn’t pay for full accommodation at the hotel she was checked into and didn’t make any provision for a car to take her to the airport.

“Checking out of the hotel and full accommodation not paid for, no car to take us to the airport and promoters want to talk trash about artists Funny how everyone is asleep and phones are off after the show but they blow up your phone when they need you for radio and press runs before the show.

We shall still continue in this though because the fans deserve better regardless of what happens behind the scenes, I love KENYA always have and always will” She said.

The concert Tiwa Savage headlined, had a special performance by leading Kenyan hip hop heavyweight, Khaligraph Jones and top DJs Wesley and Kriss Darlin.

Speaking on Friday ahead of the concert, Demarco (real name Collins Edwards) commended Redsan for his stride and encouraged fans to turn out in large numbers and show their love for their compatriot.

“Redsan and I have been friends in music for a long time and I am glad to be back to support his album launch. I am looking forward to the show tomorrow and call out all our fans to come out and support Kenya’s son,” he said.

Tiwa on the other hand, said she was excited to be back in Nairobi to support Redsan. “He is one of the most consistent artistes I know and I really admire his style and distinct sound. I look forward to working with him as we take African music to the world,”.

Upcoming artist, Kyki, disses Gabu on live TV, trashes his record label

P unit member Gabu recently had to deal with a rather awkward situation on live TV after upcoming rapper Kyki besmirched his record label.

The female rapper, who shared that she has been signed to an international label called Blackmarket Records, slammed Gabu and other older artists on Chipukeezy Show, insisting that she can never be signed at Gabu’s record label Kompakt Recordz or by any other Kenyan artist for that matter.

“I can’t be signed by Gabu,” said the controversial rapper as Gabu stared at her.

“He’s too local. So he can sign Fifi that’s OK. I will rather be signed by an international label than these local guys.”

Kyki went on to scorn Gabu and other top Kenyan artists such as King Kaka who have started labels, claiming they limit their artist’s success.

According to her, once you sign such a deal, your success has been automatically capped to a certain level.

“They can’t let you surpass their level of success,” she told Chipukeezy in the argument that was now heating up.

“Gabu, tell me? How many artists have you made so far more successful or as much successful as you? I don’t know even one. You see, Diamond Platnumz brought Harmonize in just two years. Rayvanny got a BET award even before Diamond. That’s the backing I’m talking about.”

While Gabu, Frasha and Chipukeezy were quick to label her a complainer, Kiky, however, might not be so far off from the truth.

Kenyan artists signed by fellow musicians rarely come close to matching their bosses’ success.

Younger kids are beginning to identify this pattern, and are therefore willing more than ever to stay away from such partnerships.

In the show, Gabu didn’t have a clear answer for Kyki, insisting that they didn’t attend the TV show to argue but rather find lasting solutions.

Frasha labelled her tantrums as a ‘form of bitterness’ that younger artists carry around in the music business of late.

“There so many artists like her nowadays. They all have this bitterness,” said Frasha.

“And they all want to be overnight stars” added Gabu.

“But what they don’t understand is that it takes time. Step by step and finally things will add up. They need to know that every opportunity and platform they get, counts.”

As the interview winded down, Frasha advised Kyki to respect local artists because they are the ones who will for sure help her.

Unanimurder zaidi ! Did Richie G Dedicate This Song To Dida ? Check Out New Jam Good Loving

Richie G And Dida Drop a new Jam . have You listened To The New Track well for Those Who don’t Know Top Trending Songstress Dida, she’s is a musician who also doubles as a business woman.

She been singing for a long time now and practising as a beautician

as well.

Richie G Father husband to Dida one of the most Successful multi talented producer and singer under ATL ENT RECORD LABEL as A Family ( lovely Couples ) decide to release a Fine World Day Hit . Good Loving

Check Out On You Tube

She Is Playing Victim! Otile Tells His Followers After Breaking Up With Bootylicious Vera Sidika

They say whatever that was never meant for you will never last in your life and the saying seem to be true after Otile Brown officially tells his followers that they have broken up with bootylicious Queenveebosset.

The two who recently, made a stir on blogs about their relationship having trouble came back strong with the latest hit by Otile Baby Love that he said was a dedication to her with Vera being the video vixen.

Well in a post that the Kenyan sensational musician posted on Instagram, shows that It was never Vera’s place to be in the video but how she ended up being the video vixen is the question many are now asking themselves.

The two were a couple goals for many and many people have been hating on Otile ever since rumours of their breakup emerged online and he is put to pressure to answer whatever his fans want to hear.

After writing such a long post, Otile deleted the post again.

Check out what he posted:

LYRICS: ‘Patricia’ by Fleak Type Ft T Jay & Leo

T Jay….. YEAH
Every moment with her
is like the first time
She got a hold on me
That I can’t deny

She number one on my agenda
The only role to the game
Solution to my lonely
She bring me the smile
When wen am frowning
She got a touch like no other
She all I want when I’m horny
And walayi I’m gon’ say this,
My baby is a one in a million
Patricia Patrica
I just wanna say
you’re amazin
I could spend a
lifetime explainin
But your awesome is timless
I’m hardly deserving…
Of your loving girl and I’m sorry
But for the rest of ma days
I’m gonna try, I’m gonna do ma best…


My darling patricia ya (Patricia)
Girl you’re so good I give you ten outta ten
Girl you’re so good I give you ten outta ten
You know that I need ya yeah (I need ya) baby whine for me
Girl you so good I give you ten outta ten
Girl you so good I give you ten outta ten

LEO Verse II

You make my life brand new
From the first time I saw you I knew
Something bout you was so brand new You stole my heart with your pretty smile
Your love has me blinded so everything you do I like
Every moment with you so perfect
I must be blind
Oh my darling,
My baby I’m drowning
No need to take me for long time
You know that you want
what I’m wanting
Oh my baby,
Could you give me your assurance
You’re so different girl
I need your assurance

My darling patricia ya (Patricia)
Girl you’re so good I give you ten outta ten
Girl you’re so good I give you ten outta ten
You know that I need ya yeah (I need ya) baby whine for me
Girl you so good I give you ten outta ten
Girl you so good I give you ten outta ten x2

SERRO Drops New Hit Okello @Serro___

Serro leaves the village to chase her dreams in glitzy Nairobi, sure as daybreak after dusk that she will achieve them. As is the norm however, things take a turn for the worst. As soon as she arrives in Nairobi, she is plagued by problems, many of which are due to her naiveté.

She decides that it is time to throw in the towel and return from whence she came. Serro’s longing for home, nostalgia and her sense of urgency to return home are palpable with every lyric.

Okello is now available on various streaming and purchase platforms and will be punctuating Serro’s live performances for years to come.

Directed by: Johnson Kyalo
Produced by: Me & My Cousin Ent.
Arranged by: Joe Mutoria
Saxophonist: Eric Kimbassax
Mixed & Mastered by: Tawala Beats
Okello enacted by Donald Openda
Written and Performed by SERRO
Outro sampled from ‘Adhiambo’ written by Eric Wainaina & John Were.

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