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Kisumu based rapper and performer Gabiro Mtu Necessary has releases a new club banger titled ‘Seche Rach’

‘Seche Rach’ which is a Luo word that translates to Time Is Bad.
Seche Rach is his sixth (6th) single release this year after the successful release of his street banger Kus Kus that has bore the new slang or greeting ‘Nafeel Kus Kus’

Gabiro Mtu Necessary is among the few artists from the lakeside region of Kisumu, Kenya to have shown consistency, patience and focus in a place where very few creative minds come to make it big in the creative space. He is steadily building a reputation for Kisumu’s best lyricist, and but also shares his personal struggles through his art. From working as a matatu tout to battling drug abuse, Gabiro’s ability to tell stories separates him from rap music ‘status quo’
“Seche Rach is one of those song ideas that you wake up to and they are the first to ring on your mind. However vulgar and crazy it may sound to the ear it is done creatively and as we all know creativity is defined as intelligence having fun, ” says Gabiro
The MGF Studios produced track has a dancehall oriented vibe with witty rhymes and flow that will surely get your feet carrying you to the dance floor to dance the night away. It is a a club banger!

South Africa-based Congolese musician TRESOR Drops A New Song Featuring Sautisol

The artists draw inspiration from the late South African jazz veteran Hugh Masekela and take us back to the 70s in Kinshasa.

Earlier this year, South Africa-based Congolese musician TRESOR released his album Nostalgia. The 13-track project revisits the past to explore the different sounds and the culture on the African continent during that time. The album features South African artists such as AKAMafikizoloKwesta, Msaki and several others. TRESOR has recently released the visuals for “On va bouger”, the track on which he teams up with Kenyan pop duo Sauti Sol. It’s a “twisted love story” set in the 70s of Kinshasa and we’re certainly here for that vibe.

Shot in Kenya, the music video opens with TRESOR sitting in boat which drifts across a lake against the rising sun. The scenes that follow include crisp shots of the inner city and captures both the ordinary daily life of its residents as well as the vibrant nightlife of Kinshasa back in the 70s. Directed by Fanon Kabwe, the stunning visuals stay true to the general nostalgic theme of the album.

TRESOR describes the track saying, “I am beyond excited to share the magic Sauti Sol and I have made with this electrifying song. “On va bouger” is a twisted love story set in Kinshasa during the 70’s.” He also adds that, “Bra Hugh [Masekela] used to tell me a lot of stories about his time in Congo; So I’ve re-imaged it from his tales to a time that was very vibrant, eclectic, passionate.”

Femi One Features Boondocks Gang, Mbithi and DJ Lyta in New Song ‘NyokoNyoko’

Femi one and Boondocks gang

Top Kenyan female rapper Femi One has dropped a new hit dubbed ‘NyokoNyoko’ featuring Boondocks Gang, DJ Lyta and Mbithi.

‘NyokoNyoko’ a dancehall song has been produced by Ilogos and the video directed by Johnson Kyalo.

All the musicians featured in the song are known for their rap capabilities, and none has disappointed in this new release.

The video shot on the streets gives the song a ghetto mentality, which fits well with the its theme and message.

‘NyokoNyoko’ is part of the Gengetone wave that has taken the Kenyan music industry by storm.

The Gengetone genre of music is credited to groups such as; Boondocks Gang, Ochungulo Family, Ethic, Sailors among others.

Most young people in the country love this genre of music mostly because of the lyrics which are always in sheng, and the videos.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Just Fell Out Of Love: No Cheating Or Fight

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Just Fell Out Of Love: No Cheating Or Fight

Kylie Jenner’s split from Travis Scott wasn’t the result of a cheating scandal or a blowup fight … they were simply done in by a harsh dose of reality.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell TMZ … their decision to break things off came weeks ago, following a very long honeymoon phase that was full of love, touring, going on vacations and of course … raising their daughter, Stormi, together.

After Travis’ “Astroworld” tour wrapped up and the two got back from Kylie’s lavish bday getaway, everything slowed down and they were confronted by the grind of normal life … and things felt different between them.

Kylie Jenner and Travis tried to work it out for awhile — including around the time she accompanied him to his ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ documentary premiere in Santa Monica on Aug. 27 — but couldn’t make it happen.

Kylie and Trav survived a rough patch before, earlier this year when she accused him of cheating … which he denied

Korede Bello appreciates Gabiro Mtu Necessary’s song ‘Kus Kus’

It is definitely a good time for budding artists like Gabiro Mtu Necessary to be singing and churning out hit after hit every now and then because the industry is no longer deceiving.

Coming from Kisumu city, Gabiro has always proven to be one fresh and clean gem among the rest by always going a step ahead to the top in one way or the other as seen recently when he threw a shot at Nigerian and Mavin Records superstar to check out his new song ‘Kus Kus’.

Apparently he got Korede’s attention and the response to his tweet is what made Gabiro grow his YouTube video from 2.2k views to 4.1k views and still counting. In his tweet the self-proclaimed Kisumu president says

Quoted tweet

On the song, Gabiro’s charming lyrical prowess is the star of the show, always delivered without a hint of strain. Lyrically, Gabiro mines a personal mood for inspiration, but contrasts the somber subject matter with a light and breezy delivery that will make you forget your worries in an instant — as long as you don’t listen too closely to the lyrics. Equally, the Crizo Mzeyah visuals emphasise the simplicity, mixing in footage of random dancers with a hood-looking Gabiro and some imagery to maintain those contrasting themes.

Fronted by a captivating whistle melody and pulsating dancehal beat, “Kus Kus” puts forth a dominating sound from Gabiro. Full of charismatic verses and a fierce, brassy dance break that leads into the chanting choral refrain of “rata tat tudum,” he spends the track confidently expressing feelings of joy and rejoicing.

For years Gabiro has proven to us the power of social media collaboration and good will as seen many at times when he used social media to win a cause.

Watch ‘Kus Kus’ video below:

BREAK UP ? Chipukeezy and Kibanjaa CHECK OUT THIS

Chipukeezy and Kibanjaa were our best couple until things started going south. There were then speculations that Chipukeezy could not afford Kibanjaa’s lifestyle which led to her not being ‘loyal’

The ‘lovebirds’ started showing signs of breakups and misunderstandings after they both unfollowed each other on all social media platforms.

Well, Things might have really escalated and as it seems, Kibanja has moved on pretty quick.


After Chipu openly announced that the two had unfollowed each other, Kibanja has gone the extra mile, posting Rekles and openly lusting over him.

What caught our attention with the post however is how she used the pregnant emojis. Was she carrying Rekles’s pregnancy or did she want to sire for him?

I bet we shall find that pretty soon. All this is happening just days after the comedian got fired from Ebru Tv.

Joefes’ New Track Hotter than Your new playlist You gotta check This

Have You Checked Out This Music Video On You Tube #PonMe by Joefes ? Click The Link Below

Joefes who is a Kenyan Artist signed at black market records, based in Sacramento California – is not only one to watch out for but clearly one who will be giving many a run for their money with his music.One Joefes who has been putting in extra efforts in his music career is currently showing signs of taking over hiphop /Gengetone check Out Pon me on YouTube . He’s Dropping Remix soon Featuring Boondocks Gang

Produced, mixed and mastered by @jegede_ke featuring Hot 96s @heavy_dru_lethal and Getty